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Being an entrepreneur can be exciting and fun, but certainly not easy. Therefore, knowing and understanding your responsibilities as a business owner from a tax and accounting perspective is imperative to the operation of any business. Tax and accounting may not be the sexiest topic to discuss, but for the purpose of business it ought to be. Which is why this book covers foundational elements that all businesses can use to establish and maintain an adequate tax and accounting internal system. From choosing the right business entity to maintaining bookkeeping, this book covers it all.

The Entrepreneurial Tax(ic) Relief Guide is for any business owner whether new or old; equipping and empowering them with the tools they need to overcome and avoid taxable mistakes. Often in business, it is the tax and accounting aspects that contributes to the downfall or failure of a business. Therefore, grab your copy today and begin maximizing your tax deductions, while increasing your tax savings. But remember, it is the foundation of a business that helps it to overcome toxic mistakes.

The Entrepreneurial Tax(ic) Relief Guide

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