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Meet Rose Brown,

The Accountant Therapist 


Rose was born and raised on the Island of Jamaica by a single parent who only knew how to be an entrepreneur but never understood how to maintain money or effectively manage a business. After years of watching her mother struggle with this issue, Rose was determined to develop a platform to help individuals understand and overcome barriers as an entrepreneur. Rose’s experience has influenced her approach to helping her clients to overcome their financial distress as business owners.


Rose holds both her Bachelor’s and Master's degree in Accounting. She is an accountant and educator at heart. From solving problems to teaching, working with business owners and youths has been a long-time passion of hers. Rose enjoys educating and teaching her clients how to overcome and avoid obstacles as a business owner.


Her core belief is without awareness there can be no transformation. Because of this, Rose has hosted multiple webinars, and has been featured on several platforms. Rose uses financial literacy as a tool to educate and empower individuals across the nation. As a result, Rose has been featured on RVN TV to share her passion as. She has created and published her EBook “Entrepreneurial TAX(IC) Relief Guide”, which was created to help entrepreneurs overcome and avoid tax and accounting implications. She is a recognized member of the IRS Annual Filing Season Program (AFSP), while in transition to becoming an Enrolled Agent (EA) with the IRS.


Rose is the founder and CEO of several companies including The Accountant Therapist, Brown's Fulfillment Consulting & Accounting Firm, and Reliance Virtual Assistant LLC.  All assisting and serving small business owners and Entrepreneurs, giving them the tools, they need to conquer their situations. Rose is also the founder and president of the non-profit organization “Be Resilient Jamaica”. Where she works with inner-city youths in Jamaica through leadership and STEM programs to empower their minds to rise above their circumstances.


“Every client interaction, every business started, every child taught… This is what gives me fulfillment. It’s never enough to just say it, I take pride in teaching and ensuring understandability through my gift and purpose. I strive to empower a society that yearns to know and be awoken through education.”

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